Shen Nagel M.D.

Shen Nagel


Pediatrician in Littleton & Wheat Ridge, CO

Dr. Nagel has lived in Denver since starting his Pediatric Residency training at Children’s Hospital University of Colorado in 1996. He has been a general pediatrician since 2001 and is also an Associate Clinical Professor of pediatrics at the University of Colorado. Prior to moving here, and after growing up on the East coast, he spent nine years in California during his undergraduate degree at Stanford and medical school at UC-San Diego. He is now quite attached to the Denver area, as it suits his love of the outdoors. He enjoys a multitude of activities including snowboarding, hiking, snowshoeing, camping, SCUBA diving, biking, running, swimming and basketball. His wife is also a pediatrician and they have two children who run him ragged. He has two dogs that enjoy accompanying him on these treks. When stuck inside, a good book or crossword will often occupy his time. He loves Pediatrics and getting to watch children grow up and families evolve. His goal as a Pediatrician is to make raising children as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

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